The Admirer

The Admirer - Karelia Stetz-Waters A taut psychological thriller that delivers on all fronts--the mystery, the suspense, and surprisingly, even the romance. The setting, the characters and the happenings are suitably creepy. I like the author's insight into the minds of not just the protagonists, but also the killer and the victims, and the mental and emotional illnesses they suffer from. Her depiction of mental illness and their devastating effects on not just the victims themselves, but their loved ones as well, was compassionate but doesn't pull any punches. The author manages to give us all that and still maintain the tension and suspense throughout. All of the characters were believable...even their unusual 'fetishes' sounded plausible. There is a bit of a creep the author goes inside the mind of the killer that at once, shows their human as well as their monstrous side. Indeed, this would make a very nice horror movie. A perfect 5 stars.

Note: Read and reviewed this book when it was previously titled 'Dysphoria'