The Job

The Job - Jove Belle This book sold me on the blurb alone. No reviews necessary. Does the rest of the book live up to it?

Sera Williams is an undercover FBI agent. On the day her cover is blown, she is dragged into a bank heist (ala Patty Hearst) by the terrorist gang she had infiltrated. Sera isn't sure what they're after--money or something else more sinister--but when her ex-gf steps into view, she is forced to point a gun at her to keep her safe.

The book is structured very similarly to a recent read--Andrea Bramhall's Nightingale--in that the present action is told in alternating chapters with past flashbacks. It worked much better in Nightingale than here. In the former, the past was just as interesting as the present because we want to know how a very spirited and driven woman ended up a virtual prisoner in a god-forsaken place. On the other hand, Sera and Tor here had a rather vanilla romance. They broke up. Sera became a cop; Tor a bank manager. Good for them! :) The flashbacks just aren't compelling enough and literally stop the action dead in its tracks. And this is supposed to be a very thrilling, down-to-the-wire, action-filled book. Much more so than Nightingale. But even during the bank robbery, there were many instances where action is delayed in favor of romance, reminiscing about the past, an LQ** or two, etc, etc. while the clock is counting down to a massive explosion. A little too many eye-roll/groan-worthy moments and not enough heart-stopping ones.

Bottom line, it's a thriller that romance readers can get into. BUT, a reader looking for a logical, non-stop, page-turning thriller will find this very frustrating.

** Yep, 45 minutes to go before the end of their lives, they are having a fight and making up LOL