Visions - Larkin Rose Typical lesfic books obsess over finding 'The One'--that elusive soulmate for life. This book obsesses over finding 'The One' too--that perfect, glorious, mind-altering 'O' so powerful they reduce one to tears (author's words ;) ).

Paige Burton experiences one mind-shattering night in a party with an anonymous masked woman while visiting New Orleans. For the next several years, no one has managed to top it or even come close. As her way of coping, she puts out a blog reviewing sex toys and dances in her own nightclub and does nightly battles with her evil orange cat. Fate pushes her into the path of self-made billionaire Mayson Montgomery--tall, tanned, buff--and lifted straight out of a Harlequin romance but with upgraded finances and the right gender, of course. The two ladies have a history, and because of it Paige carries a huge chip on her shoulder. But what neither of them know, is that that they know each other much more intimately than that.

The plot is quite implausible but it's a lot of fun and a little angsty. This is an erotic novel so check your logic at the door and enjoy the ride... and remember to hang on.

If you loved the [b:The Night Off|12921354|The Night Off|Meghan O'Brien||18076602], you'll definitely enjoy this. No BDSM here though, just erotic games.

5 stars for the erotica, 4 for everything else. And props to BSB for that incredibly gorgeous cover!

P.S. Whats with the one-star reviews? Get this book with your eyes open. This is F/F erotica that actually has an interesting if predictable plot, good characterization, some angst, lots of humor and is at least long enough to not feel like a rip-off. :)