Anyone But You

Anyone But You - K.G. MacGregor Stacie heads a small, Greenpeace-like organization that goes around raising community awareness and engendering support for clean energy. Her activism takes her everywhere and anywhere there is a major or minor environmental disaster. It is all very exciting and fulfilling career-wise--but wreaks havoc on the prospects of a long-term relationship for Stacie. Fortunately, her social life isn't a total zilch. There is SappHere (someone should create this ASAP, lol). As the name implies it's a mobile dating app specifically for lesbians that discreetly lets you locate a prospective date in your vicinity.

When an oil spill takes her to a remote part of the country, Stacie's trusty app turns up only one hit. Stacie has no expectations beyond a nice, anonymous hookup while she's stuck in Duluth. But they hit it off spectacularly. Her date is beautiful, accomplished, funny, witty and great in bed. Imagine her shock when she finds out she is also the devil incarnate--Cathryn Mack--the public face of the nefarious oil company she is trying to expose.

Sleeping-with-the-enemy storylines always hold such intriguing possibilities. The ladies involved are both mature and driven career women so we thankfully don't get histrionics or too much melodrama but...there is always something about forbidden love that makes it so deliciously tempting. :) Will they or won't they? And if they do...can they get away with it? Will it negate every thing they've ever stood for or fought so hard for?

The author also strikes a delicate balance between humanizing our lead characters and keeping them sympathetic. Stacie may be the pure-in-spirit do-gooder, but she's not above using a legally dubious maneuver to remove a serious threat. And Cathryn may have her heart in the right place and her ethics intact, but a lifetime of having to fight for everything to get where she can has led her to put self-preservation above all else, and colored her view of the sharks surrounding her

In addition to the romance, we also get a very well-researched look into the inner workings of both sides of the eco vs big-business conflict. At the very least, it raised by several notches my previous estimation of eco-warriors and of course, makes me look with suspicion and skepticism at every 'press release' by government officials and big business regarding the 'safety' and economic benefits of the fossil fuel industry. If Ms. MacGregor was pushing an agenda somewhere between the romance and intrigue, she succeeded famously. :)

p.s. I almost forgot to mention this is also a very good thriller. Ms. MacGregor may specialize in romances, but she has a good eye for pacing and cranking up and maintaining the tension and suspense. The plot is also fairly complicated and well-thought out. No glaring plot holes to rant about here. Her only other romance/thriller [b:Malicious Pursuit|1294973|Malicious Pursuit|K.G. MacGregor||1284093] is one of my favorites too. But this is bigger, better and much more sophisticated.