Olive Oil and White Bread

Olive Oil and White Bread - Georgia Beers This is a nice change of pace from the usual romance novel story-telling that ends when our couple get together and we assume they live happily ever after. The book covers over 20 years of our ladies' lives. Work and real life challenges intrude--just the usual stuff that long-term married couples have to deal with--but they are so rarely touched on in lesfic they make this book a unique read.

In addition to the couple issues, we see the ladies wrestling with self-esteem issues when middle age (or their definition of it,lol) hits, LBD, deaths of loved ones, career advancement (or lack thereof), perceived financial problems, and the most heartbreaking issue of all-- infidelity. I loved the characters despite all their flaws and I kept rooting for them to the end.

Some of the highlights of the book are the glimpses we see of the couple reacting to some important milestones in history--the coming out of Ellen, 9/11, the legislative victory for marriage equality--such nice touches!

I could easily rate this a 5, but I will deduct some points for all those times the ladies could have talked to each other more and spared us some of the needless angst.

I highly recommend this book though, if you demand more out of a book than just a formula romance.

4.4 stars