Tumbledown - Cari Hunter This book establishes Cari Hunter as the queen of lesfic hurt-comfort thrillers. And I mean hurt in the physical sense. Her personal experience with injuries must come in handy as each of her books are liberally sprinkled with all kinds of abuses that can be heaped on a human body.

Tumbledown stars the same two ladies we met and fell in love with in [b:Desolation Point|15843250|Desolation Point|Cari Hunter|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1348519628s/15843250.jpg|21585538]. (Don't miss that one if you haven't read it yet). After barely surviving that book's harrowing adventures, Alex and Sarah resurface under new identities and hide away in a small American town. (My first reaction to that was--bad, bad move--why didn't they go the other way--Sarah's side of the world! but then i realized, maybe thats for Book 3! :). Anyway, so we see our ladies adjusting to small town life that is rather laid back and boring. As a fan of the couple, and as much as I loved to read about the minutiae of their lives and hear Sarah's lovely curses, I kept wanting impatiently for the action to pick up. Fortunately, I didn't need to wait too long.

In between the formulaic plot, the author manages to explore a couple of interesting themes: the typical small-town mindset where for some people, tolerance is grudging at best. But when trouble comes up, it flies right out the window and people assume the worst--she's a lesbian so she must be guilty. The other one is how easy it is to dismiss people's lack of courage (like the woman stuck in an abusive relationship) when even a brave soul like Sarah, can easily succumb to physical threats.

This is a good read for fans of Desolation Point. Lots of love, action and mayhem. And a coupla things to ponder over. The only thing missing here is the anticipation that you get when the two ladies first meet.

4.4 stars