Ladyfish - Andrea Bramhall Rather ho-hum until the last 20%, when the action (in and out of bed) picks up and doesn't let up till the end.

Things I liked about the book:
* Diving info appropriately detailed but not boringly so
* The science behind Finn's research seems solid. It could be total BS, but it had me fooled. :)
* The big and badass final confrontation--totally saved the book for me

Things I didn't care for:
* Stock supporting characters -- world-domination type bad guy, evil henchmen, even an unfortunate best friend
* The plot was very predictable for most of the book. Not much excitement or surprises in the first 80% of the book. Couple that with the turtle-paced romance and I got myself a record-breaking book--took me 10 days to finish--the longest ever for a romantic lesfic. :) It is a well-written book though, so I stuck till the end.

Things that could have been done better (little nitpicks):
* Finn's English-ness was never apparent, other than her surname and the initial mention. All throughout, I imagined her to be an innocent All-American girl next door. And the name Oz--cute, but I had to mentally remind myself the setting was the Florida Keys and not the Great Barrier Reef. :)
* One of the main themes of the book is Finn's journey of assertiveness and independence, actively encouraged by Oz...but all throughout, Oz repeatedly calls her 'baby' :)

Overall, an above average read. I like the author's second book better though.

In the climactic action scene, I really liked how the author had Oz smartly and purposefully plot her way out of the mess she was in, rather than the usual reliance on luck/help from others/superhuman feats. Perfect resolution. As for the cliffhanger ending--now that is how to do cliffhanger endings--no hints or warnings and totally unexpected. Very cinematic! :)