How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is - Melissa Brayden Jordan, a mercurial but highly driven ex-black sheep, returns home after striking out at her job. All her life, she has been languishing in the shadow of her high-achieving older sister, Cassie, including losing her first crush, Molly, to her. Ironically, sis-in-law Molly seems to be the only person who truly 'sees' the real Jordan.

Fighting parental disapproval, self-doubt and a 'ghost', Jordan dares to fall in love with the formerly unattainable Molly. And the feelings are mutual. But in a small town where everyone is within shouting distance and parents manage their children's lives like they're little kids, it's just not possible to carry on a relationship in the dark.

This is a sweet and engaging character study of two very different people who are drawn together by circumstances and mutual empathy. A little light on plot but lots of emotional depth and characterization. I was going to give this 4 stars but the 'messy' little plot twist near the end made me dole out another half star.

p.s. how did Jordan's 'sewing wild oats' get past the eagle-eyed bsb editors? it was one of the funnier lol lines in the book, even if it was unintended. :)