Forbidden Passion

Forbidden Passion - Ruth Gogoll, Susan Way Perfect for people who love angst. This is like a cross between those angst-fests Denial, Behind the Green Curtain and Turning Tides (by AK Naten) but imho, is not as good as the first two, and is maybe a at par with the third. It shares a similar storyline with Behind the Green Curtain--unrequited love with a married and very unavailable boss.

The first half of the book is rather frustrating, as we only see Kim, the PA's POV. Kim is a maddening contradiction, seemingly assertive and effective in her job, but is a total doormat when it comes to her boss. Their relationship borders on co-dependency, and that's the part that's hard to read, more so since it seemed to go on forever. Whereas in 'Green Curtain', the frustration, the wanting, the tension is tinged with eroticism, this just...exasperates. But for people who love angst (me!! me!!), its still a hugely satisfying read.

But right when it seemed that there was no HEA in sight and our unlucky pair seemed to be going around in endless circles, the author drops us with a huge, true-blue, WTF plot twist that was just so...implausible... and yet not impossible. A classic deus ex machina. Except that it wasn't. Well, not in the way that we all expect anyway. Yeah, that would have been such an easy cop-out, but fortunately the author didn't take the easy way out.

4.25 stars