The Gravity Between Us

The Gravity Between Us - Kristen Zimmer I don't read much romantic YA as the repetitive plots and vapid leads don't usually interest me, but this book is #1 in amazon--has been for a while now, so I thought maybe there's more to it. Turns out I was right.

The author takes the usual YA themes of unrequited love, falling for your best friend, sexual confusion and coming out issues, wraps them in an engrossing plot, throws in engaging characters and dialogue, and voila, a YA book that even adults will enjoy.

I like how the first person POV alternates between the two ladies so we get to know both of them equally well. The inner monologues are witty and often hilarious. 300+ pages here but not a dull moment. There are some angsty bits but overall, its a light and sappy read perfect for romance readers of all ages.

p.s. Excellent cover too--perfect for the book.