Mounting Danger

Mounting Danger - Karis Walsh For Rachel Bryce, life has been a constant struggle--foster homes, juvie, hard work on a horse ranch, climbing up the police ladder. Even after making sargeant, a single unpopular decision alienates her from all her fellow police officers and practically derails her career.

Callan, on the other hand, seemed to always have it easy--never wanting for anything in life. She was born into wealth and polo royalty, together with all the trimmings--fancy clothes, first class digs, fame and femmes galore. All she has to do is play.

They decide to work together but for totally different reasons. Stable, responsible Rachel needs Callan to whip her mountie squad into shape. But all Callan wants is to get Rachel into her bed. Rachel doesn't do casual though, and of course, that's all Callan is willing to do. :)

How will they ever overcome the seemingly insurmountable differences? I love these impossible pairings--where the lead characters are so diametrically opposed--whether in character, temperament or station in life as to be totally unfit for each other. But then they can barely keep their hands off each other so, therein lies the fun! Lots of yearning and flirting. Not too much sex but enough (its hot too!) :) There
is a well-developed mystery plot so you get some nice action and suspense as well. The author is a horse riding instructor but thankfully the horse training didn't overwhelm the romance or the mystery.

There was one scene, lifted straight out of a Hollywood movie, where Rachel just gets up and dusts off after jumping off a cliff ! :) And then proceeds to walk straight back to work. that stretched my incredulity but it was so seriously badass, it was cool. :)