True Nature

True Nature - Jae Better than the first book, Second Nature (yep, the title is a bit confusing. :)) Fans who like the first book should definitely grab this. It's a great return to the world of shape shifters that the author Jae has created but is different enough that it feels like a totally new book. One little thing I didn't like about the first book, Second Nature, was the idea of frail, smallish (5'6") Jorie being with a 300-lb woman/liger. :) No such problem here. The lady shape-shifter here is a sexy, shapely wolf. :) The 480 pages flew by so quick I never noticed it was almost twice as long a the usual lesfic book. Possibly Jae's best book yet, although my sentimental favorite is still Hidden Truths.

I have a side comment about the blurb which seems to be a bit too 'spoilery'. For the first 2/3 (or more) of the book, the biggest mystery is whether the kid's mom is abusing the kid or wants to do him harm. But the blurb seems to imply otherwise. I think the suspense would have worked better if the reader doesn't get the impression (from reading the blurb) that the mom isn't the bad guy.