Fervent Charity

Fervent Charity - Paulette Callen In this sequel to [b:Charity|18606372|Charity|Paulette Callen|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1382115142s/18606372.jpg|1846523], the women's stories continue. Some minor characters in the first book get more action. For me, they were not as interesting as our three original ladies. Fortunately, the 3 still figure very prominently in all the goings-on. If you like the first book, you will enjoy the sequel as well. Personally, I kept waiting for something 'big and ominous' to happen. Something with the gravity of the murder in the first book. Lots of things happen to our characters, that's for sure. But when the 'momentous' thing happened, it was so drawn out, and the big 'reveal' was so subtle, it was nearly the end of the book before I realized the twist, lol.

Note that other people who've read both books like the 2nd one better than the first, so to each their own. :) Also, no new women were turned in the 2nd book. I was kinda hoping Lena would see the light of day but, damn, she's stubborn as a mule--still stuck to that loser of a man she calls a husband. :(