My Darling Nikki

My Darling Nikki - Christian Giovanni Reading this book is like watching an art house movie. It is better enjoyed for the visuals, the sensory stimulations, rather than to analyze what the hell was going on. lol. Many WTH moments.

I'd say it's somewhat of a waste. The dystopian world the author dreamed up was awesome. But the change in tone from the bleak alternate reality Nazi-dominated world to the erotica encounters and back were so jarring as to take one out of the story.

Also the mythology and the world building, while relatively detailed, is a bit murky right now. The author's notes explained some of the confusion. Like Nikki's nature changed during the author's writing process so some clues that were meant to indicate her to be something turned out wrong. Also, the different nationalities of the deities had me scratching my head. Like for example, the book features the egyptian god of the dead Anubis, and the Norse god of the death Hel, and even aphrodite the greek god of love. Maybe there is a method to the madness, lol, but i hope the author explains it in the next book. Also whatever happened to Nikki's bullet wound? I mean, the way she reacted to it its as if she's mortal, but then she isn't. And then its like it never happened. So many strange things happened, and Turisma ought to be more anxious, scared or needing answers rather than the relaxed sexual daze she seems to be in all the time. For someone who is supposedly one of the leaders of the Warsaw ghetto uprising vs Nazis, she seems pretty laid back, not to mention unusually submissive. :)

I wished the author had wrote two separate books instead, to better flesh out both worlds. Both would have been incredible. I realize from the cover this book is meant to be an erotica book, but the worldbuilding, the action scenes, the mood..they're good enough for a serious and possibly extensive dystopian/sci-fi/steampunk tale. Instead these are wasted on an erotica freebie.