Does She Love You?

Does She Love You? - Rachel Spangler Nic and Anabelle lead a picture perfect suburban life courtesy of Nic's successful sales career. But success breeds boredom and complacency. And an ultra competitive alpha like Nic just couldn't resist the challenge and the thrill of the chase when she crosses paths with fiesty and sassy Davis. As their affair escalates, so does the tension and dread, as the risk of discovery looms imminent. But time and again, Nic gets away with it because of the absolute trust of her wife and Davis' being blinded by her infatuation with Nic.

No good ending can possibly come of this. I cried for Annabelle, felt sorry for Davis and wanted to kill Nic. How can the author possibly squeeze an HEA out of this mess? I was completely hooked. No matter how she takes the story, someone is bound to be hurt (that's the thing I hate most with love triangles, but the guaranteed angst is hard to resist :) ). But the author totally shocked me. I admit I didn't see that coming. It was surreal. Something out of a telenovela. A real, true-blue WTF moment. Really? How is the author gonna pull that off? Well I'm happy to say she managed to convince me. How she does it is the interesting part.