Chasing Dragons (Claire Lance Book 4)

Chasing Dragons (Claire Lance Book 4) - Geonn Cannon In this fourth book in the series, wanted fugitive cum folk heroine Claire Lance gets another nemesis. This time, it is not someone who plays by the rules, but a hired mercenary who may not hesitate to use any means to get to her. People who loved the previous three Claire Lance adventures will enjoy the book. However, I can't help but feel that some plot points and situations are being rehashed. Plotwise, it's not as strong as the first three. Some developments and coincidences (the psycho hunters angle) feel too implausible and contrived. While it is still exciting and fast moving, the whole book feels too 'been-there done-that'. Even Claire's visions of her wife, Elaine, which used to be filled with emotion and pathos, sound like they're just having a little fireside chat over beer. It's reassuring and comfortable, but not particularly memorable.

Not that I think this is a bad series. On the contrary, it is my favorite of all Geonn Cannon's works. But I'm glad this is already the penultimate book. I think Claire's suffered enough. I don't mind waiting for the final book but Mr. Cannon, please give Claire the proper send-off that she deserves! :)