At Her Feet

At Her Feet - Rebekah Weatherspoon This is a BDSM book but it focuses on a sub-genre that may not have the same appeal as the usual bondage-heavy, pain-filled, D/s books. I wanted to be surprised so I avoided all reviews. Honestly, I was expecting something edgier but it actually turned out to be cutesier (is that even a word?). The cover should have given me a clue but I thought I was looking at a dominatrix and not the sub. :) Oh well, did I enjoy it? The fetish-specific particulars didn't do anything for me. The plot is realistic, though not very exciting. The leads are nice but bland. The sex is hot but not earth-shaking.

There are many lol scenes in 'At Her Feet' that I thoroughly enjoyed. The emotional ones though, don't come off as Suzy the sub sounds too often and too much like a whiny, needy girl and the dom is just too 'motherly' to be sexy, although, of course, that is exactly what the author intended :) As for the author's prose, I think she'd make a very good YA author. I've read her first book (Better Off Red) which I thought was pretty good but was more YA in appeal.

What's with all the 5 star reviews? Didn't know so many people are into this particular fetish. ;-)

P.S. The cover may be adorable, but it's actually misleading. Both of the lead characters are clearly women of color.