Behind the Green Curtain

Behind the Green Curtain - Riley Lashea This is one of those titles I would have completely ignored if not for a friend's enthusiastic recommendation. I don't normally go for erotic romances because I tend to skip over repetitive sex scenes and I'll probably just end up skipping most of the book! :) For me, the emotional connect just isn't there anymore when they've done it Nth number of times so let's just get on with the story already. :)

Not this book though. The blurb pretty much explains upfront the infidelity angle. So I was expecting some sexy, naughty but light tale on fooling around behind hubby's back. But the book is much darker, and so much deeper than that.

We have two ladies in unequal stations, one a boss of the other. Boss lady Amelia commits what is essentially, on-the-job sexual harrassment of the other, with mind and D/s games. It is utterly demeaning and shameful, but something in our PA girl Caton has been awakened. And she thirsts and craves for it. At this point we only see the POV of the hapless and lowly PA and how she becomes hopelessly addicted. Amelia controls every encounter--when, where, how, how long, how much. Is she just using Caton and eventually tossing her aside? Or is she herself, addicted? And what in the world is she, the prim, proper, obedient wife doing right under the nose of her husband?

So what makes this book different from the tons of erotica with this same basic premise? It's the author's skill with words. Most of the first part of the book is told from Caton's POV, so we shiver along with her in equal parts frustration of not ever knowing whats going on with Amelia, and equal parts anticipation of when she'd ever again throw Caton any morsel of attention.

At 360+ pages filled with tons of sex, I was a bit surprised I did not skip over any of them. The author is very creative. No scene feels like i've read it a few pages or chapters before. These two ladies practically talk with their bodies. Who needs dates or movies? ;) The erotic encounters move their relationship forward, albeit it repeatedly sputters and stalls because they have no clue what's going on exactly and jumping into bed too fast seem to have stifled their verbal skills. :)

This isn't a BDSM book however so we are not treated to things that get kinkier with every staging. This is every bit lesfic romance. So expect sex, frustration, sex, angst, sex, tension, sex, drama, sex, suspense,sex......and more sex, and finish it with what I can only say is a very Hollywoodish ending. In other words, well worth the money spent.