Show of Force

Show of Force - A.J. Quinn This book is a cut above the usual romance/thriller genre lesfic being put out by BSB, etc. All the requisite elements are here: hot & sexy leads, sizzling chemistry, dangerous missions, thrilling finish--what we normally expect from this genre. What surprised me was the depth of emotion the author imbues the characters with. From their very first scene together to the very last page, I could feel their passion for each other and for their work. From the pinnacles of ecstasy to the depths of sorrow/despair and everything else in between, this book takes our characters (and me) on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I don't want to go into more detail as the ride is best enjoyed without knowing where the author will take the plot. There was one point when I worried a bit about the tragic turn of events and I had to remind myself this is genre lesfic. :)

Overall, most of the plot was believable and realistic. No superheroes or superspies here (we have the Elite Ops for that). And some chapters were a bit slow (and somewhat painful to read) because the author chose not to gloss over the emotional aftermath of the characters experiences. But they make the characters richer, their journey more compelling, their love more affirming and the whole book more rewarding than just a quick and forgettable afternoon read.