Turn for Home

Turn for Home - Lara Zielinsky This book is more like the conclusion of rather than the sequel to Turning Point. The characterization of Mitch, Cass' ex-husband is a bit over-the-top and caricaturish, but other than that, I like everything else about it--angsty, lots of melodrama and a satisfactory but realistic ending.

Sorry, but I can't help comparing this series to one of lesfic's most popular ever--'And Playing the Role of Herself...'. They are both about TV actresses falling in love. But this is a richer, more mature and complex tale, and much better-plotted. Compared to these 2 books by Ms. Zelinsky, that one reads a lot like fanfiction.

And speaking of fanfiction, a few times throughout the book, I could have sworn Brenn and Cass looked just like Janeway and Seven. I wonder if this series was a fanfic in a previous life? :)