Turning Point

Turning Point - Lara Zielinsky I've always thought of Hollywood actresses as being vain, self-absorbed, insecure narcissists. And I almost gave this book a pass because the blurb seems to imply it's all about these beautiful but shallow creatures. But wow, did the author prove me wrong. Or rather, her characters are anything but shallow and self-absorbed.

Brenn is the lead actress of a sci-fi series and stars as the commander of a group of time-traveling operatives. A few seasons in, Cass was brought into the series, presumably because of her sex appeal, to boost the ratings of the show. Brenn understandably feels threatened and resents the newcomer. This is the main premise that attracted me to the book. How our ladies cross the wide gulf from bitter rivals to inseparable lovers.

The author takes her time to develop the relationship, which is as it should be. For the first third or so of the book, while they tiptoe around each other, we read a lot about their daily grind, their families, and some interesting tidbits about TV filming. This part was a bit rambling at times, and there were a couple of scenes (like the dialogue from the tv series) that we could have done without. But once the two women start to feel a more-than-friends attraction, the tension, the action and the hotness kicks up a notch and doesn't waver till the end.

Everything about the book felt very realistic, from the details about the daily grind of TV actresses, to the various characters' actions and reactions. The plot was very well thought out. Imagine two top TV actresses, both straight, with underage children, and one still married, falling for each other. The complications are headache inducing. The potential fallout may be career ending for both. I was totally absorbed not just in the romance, but in their plight as well. The author takes no shortcuts or easily solutions here. Unfortunately, this meant that things are left hanging at the end of the book. Good thing though, this book is just half the price of a regular ebook. :)

4.5 stars.