Woman Unleashed

Woman Unleashed - Q. Kelly I've always found Q. Kelly's unusual pairings to be intriguingly entertaining. So even if I didn't like the book summary too much, I wanted to see how far the author would push the moral boundaries. She's always skirted the edge without ever going over. So I'm expecting her to pull it off again.

Everything went normally at first. I was even sold on the 'lust at first sight' bit. The two protagonists sizzle and burn and I actually found myself rooting for them. But about midway through the book, everything started going downhill. From that point on, it became a very dark tale. The sudden switch in gears was jarring. It almost started reading like a psychological thriller. Except that it wasn't thrilling but shocking.

Most of the book is told from the point of view of Melody Thomas, the 60 year old protagonist. I get that the author tried to show her as being trapped in a loveless marriage. And for the first half of the book, I truly sympathized with her. But like I said, things happened. Lesbian love unleashed the woman ...and the woman unleashed was a psychopath!

This isn't vintage Q. Kelly. She, of the impossible pairings and love against-all-odds. So fans used to her usual fare and expecting the same will be shocked. There is raw, hot sex but I can't equate it with romance. And while the pairings both live up to Kelly's reputation for the bizarre, the rest of the book just does not do it for me.