Northstar - Windstar Sci-fi and fantasy is all about world-building. In this book, it is satisfyingly detailed but not boringly so. The physics of the alien technology is well thought out but explained in simple enough terms that I don't zone out. The love story is sweet, if a little frustrating (read to believe) :). It is also thrill-a-minute as the human lead character is quite the trouble magnet. Lots of interesting characters to root for, worry about and some to cry over. Its an extinction-level-event for earth and Tiri so there are bound to be casualties. The enemy is believably smart and always seem to be a step ahead of our heroes, as a world-conquering race should be, but is also not immune to hubris.

I love all the action set pieces and the final battle royale cements this piece as my favorite sci-fi fanfic. The final battle was so damned intense, after it was over, I felt like I just walked out of a moviehouse. If you like Gun Brooke's Supreme Constellations, you'll definitely love this.

P.S. A couple of little things that tickled me pink:
1. The Tiri arrived on earth in 1908 in a place called Tunguska. This explosive event really happened in Siberia and it mystified scientists for decades.
2. A reference to Roswell as something the Tiri tried to fix
3. Why the Tiris look like humans--same theory as in the movie Prometheus (2012)