Fox Afield

Fox Afield - Robin Roseau The 4th book of the saga of the Madison Wolves led by Lara and Michaela the Fox picks up right where the last book ended, and starts off with the newlywed couple's honeymoon. A friend from Michaela's past calls desperately for help. And the fox and the wolf clan are off to their latest adventure.

It is not as exciting as the first two books, but is better than the third. Fans of the series will appreciate the author's attention to detail with regards to the politics, the rituals, even the seating arrangements involved when it comes to intra-clan relations. I loved the author's exploration of Michaela's feelings of loss of her identity and the house--it was so well done, and that for me was the highlight of the book. That said, I felt that the book can still be trimmed by a good editor. Some scenes just went on too long.

At over 350 pages, I was expecting more action and fireworks with the encounter with the other tribe. The bit about Glenn was dangled in front of us but nothing came of it. But perhaps, they'll be back in a future book. Up to now, the books are still so Michaela and Lara centered. I'd like to know more about Elizabeth and Brooke. The bathtub scene was seriously hot, though, so Robin hasn't lost her touch in that department. :)