An Infatuation

An Infatuation - Jennifer Lyndon Best vanilla romance I've read this year. I was gonna say 'straight romance' but since this is f/ just doesn't sound right :) Anyway, this isn't my usual type of reading because of the "done-to-death" storylines. I much prefer romances with added flavors of mystery/thriller/action/historical/scifi where the traditional romance recipe is heavily spiced up with other ingredients to create what appears to be all new dishes. But 65 reviews on Amazon...and mostly 4 & 5 stars is a bit persuasive.

The author made me believe in the characters, their all-consuming lust for each other, and all their actions--destructive or otherwise. I barely noticed the first person POV. Normally, I dont care for this style because it really limits our perception of the other (sometimes more interesting) protagonist. But I understood the other girl, and all the other supporting characters completely.

Even though it is over 340 pages long, nothing came across as filler. There's quite a good number of social events--get togethers, parties, breakfasts, lunches, dinners,..hmm...the entire book is bookended by social events. It is after all, a book about society women--and its pretty much all they do, aside from shopping and pedicures. :) But don't let that discourage you. The author managed to fill all of the never-ending meets with lots of tension--sexual and otherwise--and juicy gossip.

And the it. A book can never have too much angst. I love the complexity of the plot--so many twists and turns--but nothing too absurd or contrived. Up till near the end, I was never really sure who would end up with whom.

Some little issues I have with the book: typos like characters falling 'head over heals' in love (at least 3 times!), A rather unusual way of formatting the dialogue which can be confusing as to who was talking. It slowed my reading somewhat but I didn't mind because it allowed me to savor all the words and resulting emotions.

Nice cover too.