Deep Deception

Deep Deception - Cathy Pegau Deep Deception is the third book in a series of sci-fi romances set on the mining colony of Nevarro. This and the first book (Rulebreaker) are f/f romances while the second one is m/f. Each book features a different couple so they can be read independently of one another. Its best to read Rulebreaker first though, as one awesome twist there will be spoiled by reading them out of order.

Unlike Rulebreaker, the author eschewed the use of the first person POV in this book (yay!) and this makes for a deeper portrayal of both protagonists. The action takes us from the main offices of Colonial Mining Authority (an FBI like entity) to a singles bar where our protagonists meet for a seemingly anonymous hookup, to the gritty
underbelly of the planet's mines and back again to the CMA offices for the grand finale.

The pacing was excellent. You get just enough detail about stuff to not get bored. Both women come from pretty colorful backgrounds and have tons of baggage--some of them live ones. I especially liked the author's treatment of Natalia's past and how she comes to terms with it--by going back to her roots. I wanted to read more about her past--perhaps have her recall more childhood memories, but what we got was a good enough glimpse--more might have bogged down the pace, since this is primarily an action novel.

After the initial unconsummated tryst, the two ladies have to work together and undertake the gritty mission in very close proximity and with a simmering anger and distrust between them along with a huge dollop of sexual attraction to go with it which all results in, of course, the most delicious sexual tension. Only one little thing
bothered me a bit -- I never could figure out what the villains ultimately hoped to achieve by doing what they did. Overall, the book was a perfect blend of sci-fi, romance, drama and action.

An enthusiastic 5 stars!