Life Rewired

Life Rewired - Lynn Galli Fallen heroines (coincidentally named Falyn?) or anti-heroines aiming for redemption have always held a certain kind of appeal for me. Jack from Elite Ops, Luc from Garoul, Weiss from Gun Brooke's space opera, to name a few. Guaranteed drama and angst. I'm not normally a Lynn Galli type of reader. I've read Mending Defects--everything about it is good--but its a bit too laid back for my taste. With a subject matter like this book tackles, though, i expected more emotional fireworks. This book did not disappoint. What surprised me was the nature of the attraction. Both the leading ladies like femmes and neither of
them are. I love that the author took time to develop their unlikely romance and make it plausible and believable. There is also a welcome bit of suspense as our heroine's shady past catches up to her. I love the way the pov shifts between the two leads as the story progresses. It makes for a much more enjoyable read (than a 1-person pov) but still allows us to get inside the characters' heads. Both of the characters are so well drawn, as are the supporting ones who run the gamut. I felt though that Vivian seemed too much of a saint--essentially allowing Natalie to hire an ex-con despite the possible risk to her 'designer to the rich and famous' reputation. But then I skipped the second book, which was about them (Viv and Nat) so I might have missed something there.

A side comment thats not related to the book quality--it did seem a bit strange that a self-identified 'butch' will let people call her 'Molly'. Not that i'm in favor of those obviously male names (e.g Jake, Pearce, Reese) that some authors assign to their characters as if there are ever moms who give their daughters names like that.
Still..Molly is just a tad too girly.

4.5 rating