Victoria's Very Awkward Love Story

Victoria's Very Awkward Love Story - Q. Kelly 3.5 rating. Enjoyed the book if I tried not to think too much about the relationship, which was a little too 'strange' for my taste. Unlike the 2nd book in the series (Three's a Crowd), this is not a must-read for fans of the first book, Strange Bedfellows if you want to know more about what happens to them. The book summary pretty much says what you need to know (in terms of story progression) about all the characters involved. I was hoping to hear a little more about Carol but no such luck. Loved the cover though!

I think the relationship would have been more palatable if it took longer to consummate, at least on the part of Felicianna. The way it went sort of confirms Felicianna as a cradle snatcher in my mind. Too fast, too furious and totally irresponsible on Felicianna's part.