Rulebreaker - Cathy Pegau Lesfic sci-fi romances are pretty hard to come by. Discovering two books in a row (the other one is Deep Deception) is a real treat. Being only $1.99, i half expected this to be a mindless, faux sci-fi erotica--especially with a protagonist named 'Zia'. Turns out this is a pretty intelligent sci-fi thriller. In fact, the romance doesn't pick up until halfway into the book.

The plot is fairly elaborate. The worldbuilding is detailed enough to be believable. There is a lot of chemistry and sexual tension between the two lady protagonists (and incredibly, also between the lady thief and her ex-hubby!). There is also some family drama thrown in for good measure. An unexpected twist about 2/3 into the book cranks up the tension several notches and our heroine finds herself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. The ending reads like a movie-- chases, explosive action, a mexican standoff, a climactic shootout--the works.

If you like f/f action thrillers (sci-fi or not), and for this price, definitely buy.

The only part I found rather hard to believe was the lead character's seamless transition from a living-on-the-edge bank robber to geeky data encoder to hot, super efficient personal assistant--granted she got a makeover from mom, but still...

A little caveat for the f/f purists--before she meets Zia, Liv spends an inordinate amount of time (by ff standards) lusting after her ex-hubby. Nothing inappropriate happens, no worries. 8-)