Desolation Point

Desolation Point - Cari Hunter Two women from opposite sides of the Atlantic meet in the desolate wilderness, and battle to stay alive against their two most dangerous foes--nature and man.

The first few chapters setting up the backstory and alternating between the two ladies were a bit predictable and almost perfunctory. But when they finally meet, and the rain
starts bucketing down, our ladies are in for the most harrowing rollercoaster ride of their lives, and we are in for a very suspenseful, effective thriller.

The author rains bruises, cuts, scrapes and bullet wounds on our heroines all over and again and again. Despite how they must look covered in muck and bruises(literally black and blue!), they manage to fall in love. Lots of exciting twists and turns, although the biggest one you could smell a mile away if you paid attention.

I loved how the author managed to let the ladies resolve their
impossible situation logically by themselves and with no superhuman feats of derring-do, but just plain courage and utter desperation And who can not but adore Sarah's lovely Britishisms... (if this ever gets an audiobook release, I'll be first in line 8-) )