The Rainey Season

The Rainey Season - R.E. Bradshaw In this third outing, Rainey Bell pits her wits against a particularly sadistic and cruel serial killer. The author doesn't pull any punches, so the more graphic parts of the book may be hard to get through. That said, I appreciated that the author did not dwell on the horrific acts committed on the latest victim but rather on her incredible will to survive. Her part of the story was what made me like this third book immensely, despite the lack of romantic elements due to the fact that Rainey and Katie are already in a stable relationship. That, plus Rainey's adorable interactions with Katie and the triplets .

As if murderous serial killers are not enough, old and new nemeses pop up to give Rainey Bell more trouble, and at one point, it almost feels like the end of the world for her. All this serve to spice up the book for me, and it gets a 4.5 rating as a result.

The surviving victim is such an incredible character. I wonder if the author will consider a spin-off story involving her. :-)