Blind Leading the Blind

Blind Leading the Blind - Susan Landis-Steward Smart, enjoyable detective mystery for a very reasonable price.

I'm not a big fan of first person pov's but the author makes it work well here. Erik's (the cop) voice is funny and endearing as she navigates the confusing dynamics of her relationship with a blind but fiercely independent woman. Being 'butch' and used to taking charge, she's totally floored by this beautiful femme who 'orders' her around. I enjoyed very much Erik's thoughts and wry observations.

The case itself is fairly well presented. Though some aspects are puzzling--like the inaction of police (wouldn't amber alerts have been issued for the girls?). The big to-do about the parents' secrets also seemd irrelevant to the final resolution of the case.

I also have a quibble with how fast Liz warms up to Erik, considering that she can't see her. I hope this is explored in more detail in the next book, which I'm eagerly awaiting.