A Question of Ghosts

A Question of Ghosts - Cate Culpepper A sensitive love story between a spirited, nurturing social worker with a traumatic past and a cold, socially-challenged scientist she hires to help her decipher a 'ghostly' message from her late mother.

There is so much more to it than meets the eye, however, as their quest digs deeper and gets more dangerous as the mystery intensifies.

I love the perfect juxtaposition of romance developing alongside the mystery. The characters also develop nicely as they interact with one another. The author treats the scientist Jo's 'disability' with respect and nuance. I find it quite endearing how she tries to interpret people's facial expressions scientifically. And she's forever watching out for Becca and learning how to socially interact along the way.

I'm not a Xena fan, but the references to the show, its themes and props and how the characters bond over them are an excellent use of pop culture to further the story.

My only gripe has to do with the ending. The romantic in me wishes for an extra chapter of Becca 101. Also I didn't quite appreciate the villain's motives--they seem too contrived. I know truth is often stranger than fiction, but this is supposed to be fiction.