And Those Who Trespass Against Us

And Those Who Trespass Against Us - Helen Macpherson This is the second novel from Helen Macpherson that I've read and like the first, it doesn't disappoint. Set in 1870's rural Australia, it compares quite favorably to two other excellent books that depict women in the same era and rural environment--the Grass Widow and Backwards to Oregon. The main difference is the lead character is a rather well established rancher, so the author chose to concentrate on developing the romance rather than depicting the daily drudgery and hardship of farm life.

The main conflict here is internal, as one of the women is a nun, so she has to reconcile her 'unnatural' feelings with her religious beliefs and convictions. Don't worry there are no deep philosophical or theological ramblings in the nun's head as you might normally expect with religious FF characters. Instead the author uses various 'incidents' and assistance from 'friends' in helping the women resolve their issues. While less realistic, it makes for a much more exciting read.

I love all of Ms. McPherson's characters. As in her book, 'Colder than Ice', her characters here are headstrong, outspoken and very opinionated. There are also a number of interesting women supporting characters (esp. Adele and Mary) who deserve their own book.

I also love the way the author makes the women act true to their respective characters--which get in the way of their beginning and maintaining a relationship. It takes a while for them to get together, but the process is very well developed. The book is a tad longer than the usual lesbian romance but it is much better because of it. Just when you think everything is okay already, the author throws a monkey wrench and everything goes haywire. So much melodrama. Yummy!

...And the was like that movie "Imagine Me and You"--so melodramatic but fun !