Pitifully Ugly

Pitifully Ugly - Robin Alexander Robin's fun new book 'The Summer of Discontent' led me to this one. If 'Summer' was fun in a farcical way, this is ROFL-funny.

I love Shannon, her vibrating legs, and her hilarious internal running monologue (with disparate voices for her brain and her body(!)) She's shy, introverted and anti-social but load her up with a few chugs of alcohol and she's totally badass. :)

Shannon was really well done. And the development of her character was what made the story so appealing. Hailey, on the other hand, was a bit uneven. For someone who is in sales, I found her insecurity and indecision hard to buy. Granted she had some heavy issues. But people who take up sales careers are never shy or ambivalent about what they want. Maybe the author should have assigned her a different profession. And one time, she was downright rude to Shannon for almost no reason at all, avoiding her and running away. This 'misunderstanding', if it can even be called that, is a common trope in fanfic but has no place in published work. Because of Hailey's hemming and hawing, the romance was really choppy--on and off and on and off and on...it made for lots of angst but not the really enjoyable kind.

Why the 5 stars...hmmm...i liked it too much to subtract even a half star. So maybe a quarter star. So its 4.75

BTW, this book reminded me of another online dating romance book called 'The Blind Side of Love v2' by Ingrid Diaz. Its also lol-funny and angsty as hell--one of my all time favorites. I always mention it because its still free for downloading. Get it while its still up.