Only Flame and Air (Claire Lance)

Only Flame and Air (Claire Lance) - Geonn Cannon The second book is just as good as the first. I'm thankful I didn't have to wait a year for the sequel. Great new story. Awesome new characters. But by the middle of the book, with Claire pretty much still obsessed with and totally in love with Elaine, I kinda had the bad feeling that there would be another sequel.

I don't usually like books where lead characters are stuck in the past and can't get past their grief, but in this case, the author managed to make me root for them (via very effective flashbacks) that towards the end, I was totally dreading but almost expecting Claire to give up and join Elaine in the afterlife. Now wouldn't that be a kickass ending? Shades of 'Sidewalk Savior' by K. Alexander. But of course, this is lesfic romance. And i'm sure the author doesn't want to see too many refunds. :D

...I just found out tonight that there are 3 more Claire Lance books on the way (yep, big spoiler...Claire lives on). Based on my previous reading experiences with series books, I tend to lose interest by the 3rd book. So this can turn out to be bad news. But the way the author has so far managed to come up with new exciting adventures for Claire, and her slowly coming to terms with the loss of her love, and acceptance that she is free to move on, plus her having to deal with a very determined and capable adversary (who will also need her own redemption), I'm excited to see what the author has up his sleeve.