The Girls From Alcyone

The Girls From Alcyone - Cary Caffrey If you like sci-fi, action and adventure, this book does not disappoint. It starts when the characters are just pre-teens, and I was afraid it would end up as just another angsty YA story. But once the girls grow up a bit, and the action picks up, its one roller coaster action set piece after another till the very end...would have made a truly awesome movie!

There is some romance, but it takes a backseat to the action and intrigue. There are just too many earth-shaking things going on for the author to give it more space and time. I particularly appreciate the author's attention to the details of his future world...from the logistics of space travel through vast interstellar systems to high speed planet-to-orbit elevators. The plot is also relatively complicated (from teen angst to political intrigue and machinations) compared to a typical genre lesbian romance, but not so that you can't follow it easily.

After I read the book, I checked out amazon for the reviews. FF books normally only get about a dozen reviews. And cheap books like this would be lucky to get 1 single reveiw. This book got 140 reviews and about 110 are 4 or 5-star ratings. Impressive for a first time author. I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel. Its interesting to note that some people gave it 1-star rating because they were "shocked" by the idea of 2 girls falling in love.

btw, the romance is sweet and very well done even though the author appears to be a man.