Become You

Become You - Michelle Grubb For a $2.99 book, it is incredibly mature and sensitive. It is about a woman's journey of self-discovery of her sexuality and how she deals with the various emotions arising out of it--from denial, to anger, to acceptance, and finally to actually trying it out. It also doesn't help that the woman who makes her realize the truth is the most unavailable woman to her. The story starts rather slowly and the author takes her time to develop all the characters. I found myself skipping the singing scenes (theres a bunch of them--and i dont get the relevance) and there's just too much drinking going on (as in every other page!) its a wonder their livers weren't shot by the end of the book.

Things start to pick up once the lead character FINALLY admits she's a lesbian (how hard can it be! ;-)) . And so does the drama. Lots of twists and turns till the very end!