Just Business

Just Business - Julie Cannon With a cover like that, who doesn't want to read this book. Except that neither of the ladies in the cover looks anything like the lead character Dillon, who prefers boxers with planes, boats or other silly decors.

Anyway, the whole book can be summarized with one word: Karma. Dashing millionaire lady-killer Dillon uses a vulnerable woman to further a business deal. (Note: In real life, who wouldn't jump at the chance to be Mrs. Dillon--certainly not me!) But this is fiction, so lets bear with the author's implausible premise and just enjoy the book, which isn't hard to do.

So, the two ladies jump into a relationship, one of whom thinks its real love and the other one, a business deal. But when one of them gets too cocky and spills the beans, all hell breaks loose and the tables are turned.

I almost didn't read this book because of the low ratings on Amazon. Yet this is one of my favorite reads. Just goes to show you should always take all reviews (including mine) with a grain of salt.