Circle Game

Circle Game - O.M. Aguilar This is the third book in the Shana Niguel mystery series. In my review of the 2nd book, i took away half a star for the lack of romantic conflict. I was fully expecting to take another half in the third, but thankfully, in the third book, the author throws in a gigantic monkey wrench in Shana and Kate's relationship in the form of Shana's ex-girlfriend Karen. Just imagine how explosive things can get when Shana has to go undercover with her ex and pretend to be her current.

In the hands of a lesser author, we would probably have been treated to lots of histrionics and melodrama. But the author paints all three ladies as mature adults who deal with the situation the best they can, yet at the same time, as they are only human, so they go through some very emotional roller coasters. I also love that the author gives as much weight to friendships as she does to romantic relationships. If the series ended here, I would be very very contented as all the characters experience so much growth. This is easily my favorite of the three.

And, oh yeah, there was a nice, elaborate mystery attached to it too. 8-)