Double Legacy

Double Legacy - O.M. Aguilar In Double legacy, Shana is her own client. The murders and the mystery all revolve around her and a surprise package dropped on her doorstep. In addition to the characters we've grown to love in the first book, we get a new host of intriguing characters most of whom we can never be sure whether they're the good guys or bad.

In serial detective cum romance books, once the lead character and her love get together, the author needs an awesome mystery to sustain reader interest. The book doesn't disappoint in that department, but the lack of major romantic conflict makes it less enchanting for me than the first book. However, the complicated mystery that is expertly revealed layer by layer, and the author's insightful development of all the characters makes this book an equally compelling read.

I must mention that finally, Shana is learning not to ignore her nudges. But again, I'm glad the mystery is resolved realistically without the use of Shana's 'special powers'.