Chloe's Heart

Chloe's Heart - O.M. Aguilar The book is marketed as both a murder mystery and a lesbian romance. In both instances, it succeeds with flying colors, something that is relatively uncommon in lesbian fiction. Everything that we look for in a satisfying read, its here. Deep, complicated whodunit--check. Wonderful slow burn but intense romance--check. Great main and secondary characters--check & check again. No loose ends--check (okay, i had to go back several times and re-read to be sure--my memory is not as sharp as Shana's).

The book blurb seems to imply that Shana has paranormal powers. Despite the blurb's emphasis on Shana's 'nudges', they're functionally not really that different from cops' instincts. So no paranormal superpowers here. Just plain old good detective work. Another bonus is that the bad guy(s) are not too smart or too dumb...just people like us.

I also noticed the author uses long winded complicated sentences with lots of commas and parenthesis. I know this isn't usual but I like it. Compared to the clipped sentences of some authors, where I can barely understand what the author is trying to say, gimme long-winded anytime! I'm not absolutely sure but i believe the book is self-published. And I'm glad the author took this route and wrote in her own style, and did not let publishers and editors mangle her prose into something resembling generic lesbian fiction where you can hardly tell one author from another.

And the last scene, its just so beautiful. Very rare in any fiction. Perfect ending to a perfect book.