Before I Died

Before I Died - Sara Marx I was totally intrigued by the summary:

"After years of blackmailing her into silence, Laney's power-drunk ex-husband has made her silence permanent. Now she can’t tell the world about the dangers of the pesticide he’s unleashing on an unsuspecting planet. And further breaking her heart, she can’t warn her beloved Mara that he plans to come after her next, and even their two kids aren’t safe.

Unfinished business, undying love and the burden of her own complicity in this evil plot drive Laney to take action, hoping it’s not too late to save the people she loves. It would be easier if she weren’t already dead..."

The book switches back and forth from the present to the past via Laney's flashbacks. in fact, the whole book is told from Laney's POV, which, imho, limits the book's focus on Mara, Laney's partner, who, for me, is an even more interesting character. That is the only flaw I can think of. I must warn potential readers though, that this book is not a typical romance.

...The ending is as 'happy' as it can possibly be...considering the circumstances, but the whole story is so heartbreaking, the ending may not be everyone's cup of tea--it might leave sappy readers (like me) with a heavy feeling in the heart. But if you want something different from the typical lesfic romance, then give this a go.