Tilting at Windmills

Tilting at Windmills - Geonn Cannon I've waited two years for this book to finally come out in ebook format. How ironic that it took the sad closing of its publisher (PD publishing) before the ebook version became available. The good news is....the author has published the sequel Only Flame and Air at the same time (no more waiting for a year or two!).

This book did not disappoint! I read Geonn Cannon primarily for the action. But this is one (and only?) book where he excels even in the angst department. He manages to capture the desperation of all the lead characters, the suspense of the chase, and the incredible relationship of Claire and Elaine.

An Amazon reviewer said that Geonn writes the women in this book like they're men, and misses the emotional bonds. In the Underdogs or the Riley Parra series perhaps, but not here. This is his most emotional and sensitive book to date.