Certain Dark Things

Certain Dark Things - Erica Abbott Do not read this book unless you have read 'Fragmentary Blue'. While the story can stand alone, you'll not understand nor appreciate the characters' actions here unless you knew their backstory which was fully explored in the first book.

Alex and CJ's relationship is tested severely in this sequel as someone gets in the way...someone both of them are trying their utmost to help. And sometimes, even crossing the line of propriety.

Unlike the first book which was a suspenseful and thrilling police procedural with a nice murder mystery and hot romance attached, this is more of an Internal Affairs investigation thing where they were just trying to justify a police killing. The bad guy is dead. The good guy (a lesbian cop) pulled the trigger. But politics wants to make a big stink out of it, at the expense of the cop. Innocent or trigger-happy? Thats the main mystery here.

The author weaves a believable and realistic IA investigation while at the same time exploring the various issues that couples face after they get together--jealousy, insecurity, office flings, trust, forgiveness.. It's excellent as a character study and if you love Alex and CJ from the previous book (which I did), then don't miss this. Alex and CJ's love is tested to the limits--can they get back on track? And will Chris, a player and heatbreaker, ever change her ways?

Otherwise, if murder mysteries are your thing, give this a pass.