For Now, Forever

For Now, Forever - Trin Denise A relatively short read, this novella (113 pp) packs hot leads, even hotter sex, and a shocking twist. Here's a quick summary:

Cassie, a florist shop owner, opens her door one morning and finds herself facing a lawyer--not to sue her, but to announce that she's set to inherit the estate of one of West Virginia's old rich families. The revelation turns her life completely inside out.

On her way to the reading of the will, she suffers a blown tire and is rescued by an impossibly beautiful woman (who just happens to be a lesbian ;-) and the two fall instantly in love (or lust--for the cynical in all of us ).

Then comes the big reveal which might thoroughly shock you. My lips are sealed after this point...suffice it to say that this is genre romance which means we readers get the requisite HEA.

My opinion? One highly implausible plot point after another. But who cares, we read for the entertainment, right? If you can suspend disbelief and judgment for the entire duration of the book, you might even enjoy it.

That said. If you like the premise of the book, be sure to check out this piece of free online fiction, Taking a Chance by Planetsolin, which is similar, but in my opinion, a much better read. With more or less the same premise as the book, everything about this story is so much more believable--the attraction, the romance, the conflicts, the resolution. In fact, I would be so bold as to suggest to just go and read the fanfic and skip the book altogether--you won't miss much.