Stranded - Blayne Cooper Three women go on a company-sponsored adventure that turns into their worst nightmare. Stranded in one of the most inhospitable places in the world, they have to fight tooth and nail to survive and make it back in one piece. Despite the women's desperate circumstances, the book is not without many touches of humor here and there, making the book a very enjoyable read.

The first chapters felt a bit strange as the author kept making Rachael think 'straight' thoughts--lusting over men and such :sick: :faint: . The excitement doesn't begin until the trip gets underway...and it mostly doesn't let up till the end.

The entire book is told from Rachel's POV, but it doesnt detract from your enjoyment because the author gives her a really fun, honest, and often self-deprecating voice. I love the way the author injects humor in even the direst of situations. Here's a typical example of her imagery, describing the women's love of soccer as: "the single minded determination of a hungry infant in a topless bar". Here's another one: "A gift of bouquet from my sister congratulating me on losing 185 lbs during my divorce"--this is only funny if you read the explanation that follows it (sorry i will not reveal here :) ).

The thing i love most about the book is that the author does not make her heroines run away after the worst of misunderstandings and betrayal. On the contrary, they confront each other (and almost tear each other to pieces :D ) till the issue is settled. Bravo!