Out of Whack

Out of Whack - Susan X. Meagher Darcy and Tess are polar opposites. They are as different in every single way--upbringing, chosen professions, habits and outlook in life--as night and day. Darcy thrives on order and routine, while Tess suffers from lifelong wanderlust, appreciating the spontaneity and unpredictability of her travels. Both are fairly successful in their professions. It is entirely random that they meet and are thrown together in a life-threatening situation. Stuck with each other by circumstance and by choice, an unlikely attraction develops. But will it be enough to overcome their seemingly insurmountable differences?

That last sentence pretty much sums up the premise of every other lesfic romance. What makes this book stand out is the execution. And I don't mean the main plot point of the two ladies being on the run from the mob and the police. Granted, it's a smart page-turning plot device to liven up this book, and just realistic enough to be plausible, for the most part. But things are just a little too pat and convenient the bag of cash, the clumsy goon, the offing of the mob boss, unambitious ADA, but hey, that's why this book is labeled a ROMANCE, not a crime thriller. So what makes this book so entertaining? The characters and the scenes. I rarely give angst-free romance books more than four stars. But one of the characters here is so engaging and so lovable that anyone would move heaven and earth to be with her. I think what distinguishes Ms. Meagher from other romance authors is that even after so many books, she is always able to come up with characters that feel fresh and unique and stand out among the thousands I've come across over the years.

In much of the book, the two girls are stuck in close quarters. Rather than bore the hell out of this angst/action-junkie, the author managed to keep my interest in their daily goings-on and their interactions with sparkling dialogue, well-thought out scenes, and the occasional heart-thumping mob encounter. There were some confusing POV changes and character thoughts, but nothing a careful re-read won't solve.

4.5 stars