Sisters - DeJay A car accident in the middle of a Montana snowstorm strands Dr. Fiona Gallagher in the out-of-the-way property of ex-cop Maddison. The weather has a mind of its own, so the reluctant hostess and her testy guest find themselves snowed in for an extended period. For Maddison, the curvy Doc is an unwanted attraction. While Fiona finds her hostess' kindness and compassion alluring, the butch ex-cop is not her usual type.

Without the happy confluence of Chance and bad weather, the likelihood of these two women being in close company, let alone a relationship, are close to none. So what happens when the weather clears, and they are free to go back to their respective lives? How do you start a relationship with such 'irreconciliable differences' ?

This "country girl vs city girl thing' is a rather common trope in romances, but the author pulls this one off very well. There are no easy answers and the characters go through the emotional wringer repeatedly. It's a bit melodramatic towards the end but its good melodrama.

But that's not all. There is a very well-plotted mystery that is just an important part of the premise as the romance. The eagle-eyed and jaded reader might be able to suss this out from the blurb, but I didn't really analyze it that much and chose to enjoy the mystery as it unfolded. The way it is revealed bit by bit, casually and almost off-handedly, is tantalizing yet heartbreaking at the same time.

Readers who love a little mystery and a lot of angst will enjoy this book immensely.