Games Girls Play

Games Girls Play - B.A. Tortuga This is an Ellora's Cave title, unfortunately (or fortunately, if that is what you're looking for ;) ). That means, it's mostly erotica. It does have a little more story and is just a wee bit deeper and a tiny bit darker than the usual PWP to make it a pretty satisfying read. Just know that it has a much higher ratio of sex to everything else than the usual lesfic. I found myself skimming some of that just to get on with the story--which was quite the page-turner. I'd give half a star higher if the book were longer, because the plot was surprisingly quite interesting; the protagonists had a lot of chemistry together, and the dialogue was witty and sardonic. But...the too-pat ending firmly establishes the book's erotica imprint. Maybe a sequel to further the story like when the girls go on the run and the bad guys catch up. :)